Consign My Closet Events help you sell your quality, brand name clothing, gear, toys, sporting goods and more!! You set your own prices and earn 60% of your sales (up to 70% if you volunteer a shift or two)!!


How does it work?

When you register to consign with us, we email you our "Consignor Guidelines", with information on gathering, preparing, pricing/tagging and dropping your items at the sale! Once registered, simply enter your items via our inventory system and print barcoded tags right from your home printer. This system allows you to keep track of sold, unsold, and donated items - and  is where you can select a drop-off appointment and/or volunteer shifts.


How many items can I bring?

You may bring 200 of your best items to the sale, and a minimum of 30 items (large items excluded) per consignor to participate. If you consign more than 100 items, you are invited to our Exclusive VIP Pre-sale Event!


What if my items do not sell?

We make it easy for consignors to claim their unsold items after the sale, you may also choose to donate your unsold items to local charities.


Can I earn a greater percentage of my sales?

A very easy way to earn a greater % of your sales is by volunteering at our events. Volunteers work four hour shifts and earn 5% per shift, up to 70%. Volunteers also get to shop at our VIP Pre-Sale Event!


Where do I bring my items?

When you register as a consignor you can select a convenient drop-off time. Please expect at least 30 minutes at your drop off appointment, all items are inspected for quality. For more information, please read our "Consignor Guidelines"


When do I receive my earnings?

Your check is mailed to you within two weeks of the sale, so fast and easy!